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OCJP6 difficulty

How difficult the actual exam is compared the questions in the practice exam? Will the questions in the actual exam be easier? I find the questions here, and in the other books, too confusing and misleading. Thanks.

Hi Tjalling,

Questions in the real exam will be MUCH easier than these exams.

BUT... there is a reason that we, like most other authors, have made these questions trickier than the real exam. The goal is to make you practiced to spot the 'trickiness' within questions so you would never fail to recognize them on the real exam. This exactly is the part that you referred to as 'misleading'. Even though the real exam is easier than these exams, most of the questions in the real exam have this nature in general to 'mislead' you. And that's the real challenge in this exam!

As you keep practicing with these heavily tricky questions, you will realize for yourself that you are developing an ability within you to spot the trickiness of any given question. With all of that done right, you will eventually find the real exam to be a piece of cake!

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