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OCP JP online Training by Examlab

Examlab offers instructor-led OCPJP online training courses only for those who already know how to program with Java language.

OCPJP is NOT an exam one can pass so easily just with the practical Java programming experience they have, unless, of course, if they were too lucky!. Even if you are an expert, this exam still requires some preparation, especially on small details that you would have easily overlooked in your experience in Java programming.

Examlab addresses this by providing an OCPJP online training course, which only focuses on areas that even people with some good levels of Java experience would have overlooked. There is also an online quiz to help people find out if their level of expertise in Java programming is sufficient enough to take this course.

The nature of the course

The very first thing that happens when you join the course is Examlab randomly assigns one of its qualified tutors available to you. This is the tutor who will corporate with you throughout the course helping you and guiding you toward passing the exam.

The structure of the course consists of 10 main sections, intended you to focus on one section per day, as the estimated course duration is 10 days. However, it's up to you to decide how you want to go through it. Each section has some videos, lessons, quizzes, practice exams, and a place for you to talk with your personal tutor. At the same time your tutor will guide you through, he will also assess your performance, which will reflect in the "Score Predictor" - an innovative tool that predicts how you will perform in the real exam.

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