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About Examlab

The mission of the ExamLab project is to reach Java education to more people.

The core of Examlab is its exam simulator, which is currently designed for the exam "Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP) 1.6". Besides that, Examlab has many other features and services to help people achieve their Java certifications. One of the key ingredients that makes Examlab this better is its mission to make sure everyone who registered with Examlab passes the exam. To achieve this mission, every user who registered with Examlab gets automatically assigned to a dedicated tutor, who will take the responsibility to make everyone clears the exam with a good score.

Examlab also provides a video-based online training course for OCPJP for those who have already been into Java. It covers most of the 'gotcha' parts that even experienced Java programmers tend to fail at in the exam.

History of Examlab

The ExamLab project was first started in 2008 as a free desktop software that runs only on Windows platform. At this step, it was only an exam simulator for the exam "Sun Certified Java Programmers (SCJP) 5.0". One of the main objectives of ExamLab at that point was to simulate the real exam interface as much as possible, and to give exam candidates more comfort when they face the real exam. After having over 60,000 downloads, Examlab released another free version to support SCJP 6.0 exam in 2009, yet as another Windows-based desktop application.

Due to some unavoidable reasons related to limited resources, the project was temporarily discontinued at the end of the year 2012, and re-initiated as web-based exam simulator in the mid of 2013, moving to a new domain from

About the Author

Devaka Cooray is a technical instructor, enterprise software engineer, and independent consultant software architect. He founded the ExamLab project in 2008 with a set of 360 questions he authored and an exam engine software he made. More about Devaka can be found at his website -

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